Great Things You Should Know About SearchLock

SearchLockDo you think your search record is safe and no can ever find it? Well, you are wrong with that perception! Any individual or companies with interest in your search record can do this efficiently whenever they want, especially if they have access. Keep your search history protected from monitoring and tracking by other people together with your privacy interests and accounts through the use of SearchLock. This is designed in order to help all the internet users to protect their solitude especially when they make searches on the internet. This also prevents the keywords and queries from being recorded and be used in order to find the person behind it.

SearchLock employs technology or software (patent-pending) which detects whenever search query has been directed from the user’s browser to various search engines. It then re-routes this into the improved privacy search results pages thru SearchLock. It will make your search record free from any monitoring or tracking activity together with your solitude Safety. It works efficiently especially on most of your searches on Bing, Google, MSN or AOL and other search engines. These search engines ensures that your searches will be secured against any tracking attempt of every individual.

You might wonder or ask if SearchLock is a safe and guaranteed tool. Well, SearchLock is 100% Safe and Secure. With this, no one can log in through the use of your information. Nobody can detect the searches that you made. The servers are not also recording any IP address owned by the users so confidentiality is highly secured. The entire major search engines will only get your signup information if and only if you have registered through their email servers including Google+, Gmail, Yahoo and more. The information you used to register is already enough for them to quickly track all the searches you made on their search engine. Get SearchLock and keep it secure, private and safe.

SearchLock comes with lots of features that will surely encourage you to have this on your computer. The following are its amazing features:

  • SearchLock has the capability to intercept and stop privacy-unsafe searches. With this, you can have assurance that you will be provided with privacy-friendly and safe results. And since unsafe searches will be stopped and prevented, nobody can even get the chance to view your search queries.
  • Also, with this tool, your web searches will be disassociated from all your online accounts. As mentioned above, this protects you from any virus that you might encounter. Your online accounts will not be intruded by companies or individuals that show interest with your profile and your web searches.
  • SearchLockSearchLock is not storing information entered by the user. It does not make use of various tracking tools that might just compromise your privacy. There are some tools or search engines that retains the information provided by the user like email, IP address, name and others. This information is used for others to identify you. SearchLock has disabled logging from their server so that visits will not be recorded.

These are just few of the features that you can enjoy from having or using SearchLock as your privacy protector.  SearchLock is popularly known as a safety measure suitable for users who relies on their web searches most of the time. It assures protection against governmental intrusion and hackers who are seeking for opportunities just to get quick access with your social profiles, mails and other personal data. Initiating risky and unsafe web searches can harm and compromise your privacy and prove terrible if made just by someone. However with SearchLock, you can fully enjoy uninterrupted and safe web search.